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Monday, June 3, 2013

Slowly, but surely!

I have some numbers, and missed some others....but here is the big reveal for the week!  I had hoped that I would be in the 170's by now, but sadly I have not gotten there yet...I am at 184.  Which means that as of tonight, officially, thanks to my weigh-ins at Tops, I have gotten to just over my 20 pound mark!  I am now on my way to 30 pounds gone....I hope it picks up a little bit, and starts slipping off a bit more quickly.

I have started adding in a bit more exercise, so I am hoping that is going to help with the next few pounds.  My goal is to be into those 170's, finally by July 1st!  I can do this, right?  I wish there were a few more hours in the day, and that I had a bit more energy to feel like adding in exercise at the end of a busy day.

After a totally horrendous week last week, full of emotions, and some major stress eating, I am hoping to be back on track over the coming week....and I have to admit, I am still enjoying yoga, and I have added walking on the trails to relax and have some exercise.

Like so many others, June is an extremely busy month for us, and unfortunately Tim is away a lot I am hoping to stay on track and lose these next five pounds to reach my next goal!

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