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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Avro Arrow

Tonight my 15 year old son sat down and composed the following about an issue that he is passionate about.  I am imploring everyone to share this as much as possible, and help him realize that politicians will listen to Canadians, no matter what their age, or passion.  He just wants someone to explain to him why decisions are made the way they are, and to take an average Canadians point of view into their decisions.  He will be a leader in our country some day, there is no doubt in my mind, help him make a start.

Mitchell's commentary:

Hello Mr.Fantino and Mr. MacKay,

My name is Mitchell Murphy. I am 15 years old and from Fort McMurray Alberta. I have just heard through various media outlets that you were one of the main deciding factors in the re-scrapping of the proposed Avro Arrow program. As an air cadet, a possible future member of the forces and a proud Canadian, this is a big disapointment. This was a golden opportunity to bring back a huge part of Canada's history, that never really took off. Not only is the Arrow a symbol of who we are, it would create jobs that could help strengthen our economy and develop our already very strong aviation background. Also, not only in the matter of careers, the Arrow would be a much better purchase compared to the F-35. The re-modeled Arrow would be faster, could fly higher, and fly further then it's out of country counterpart. And think about this: all weather fighter over a plane that would have major troubles patrolling an already very vulnerable, not to mention huge besides, northern Canada. Also, I heard that stealth is a 'big factor' on the checklist of things to have in a plane. Although that is a good point, the F-35's stealth capabilities would be hindered in many instances, including being on a wrong angle compared to radar waves, to close to a radar signal, or, my favourite, with weapons attached. At least if the Arrow was detected somehow, it could outrun the enemy fighters, etc. Although foreign relations are very important to me, as it is for this program, developing a strong relation with the United States, by paying them through the nose for a plane that shouldn't live up to Canadian military standards. I guess a big question for me at this point is: Why keep fighting amongst our own government and people over plane costs, while still paying another country for said plane, when we could be making our own, Canadian-made alternative that would help our economy and, best of all, give our nation something to agree on and get behind in autonomous agreement? Hearing myself say that makes me kind of sad actually. When I first heard of the new plan for the Arrow, I truly was in a state of bliss, you could say. Something that a whole NATION could be excited about, and it's regarding the military? Perfect! The stars have aligned in favor of our under-exposed military. I was really hoping that the goverment would seriously consider this offer, get the idea out there, and ask US, the heart and soul of decision making in this amazing country, how we feel about something of this magnitude. But instead, we find out about this project near the end of it's life, it would seem, through several media sourses trying to get the word out there. Why can't the people know about intentions of the goverment, especially with regards to the military. Everthing seems to be quiet, backroom deals that we can't know about because the goverment knows that they probably shouldn't be doing it. This is discouraging, considering our values and interests as Canadians. I like to be proud of who's standing up for my rights and my country. And I'm not just talking about our under-funded troops. Our government should be there for us. They should have our backs even when we aren't paying attention. And again, they seem to do the oppostite again, and most of us are letting them getting away with it. Not me. I know it is in your power to bring this issue up, and I should really hope that you at least consider my propostion. I will be sharing this e-mail with others that I know that have major public influence, so expect more than just a mere e-mail from some teenager of whom you've never met. This is all a first for me, and I hope that I have left an impact on you and your future decisions regarding this very important topic. Feel free to e-mail me anytime,, or call at 1-780-748-7714. I hope to hear from you soon Mr.Fantino and Mr. MacKay.

Mitchell Murphy
Fort McMurray, Alberta
Formerly of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.


  1. Great job Mitchell. The story of the Avro Arrow is incredible. The fact that its design is still being talked about 50 years later, speaks volumes. Great post.

  2. Hi Mitchell, I also am an advocate of the Avro Arrow and have always been. I was around when Diefenbaker squashed the Avro as Payment for being elected prime minister. A little background will help. President desperately wanted to get his space program going so he could catch the Russians. He made a deal with Diefenbaker that he would help him win the election if he would put an end to the Avro Arrow. As a result, Diefenbaker was elected and the day he put an end to the Avro Arrow, Nasa officials were on hand with contracts and signed all the engineers working on the Arrow to work for Nasa. So you see, it really was Canadians who put the states into space. After that, I never did like Diefenbaker, but you might find his book interesting reading. It is all spelled out there. The best of luck. Leonard Siemens