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Friday, October 26, 2012

My Friday Book!

So every Friday for the next three months I am hoping to have a review up of a book that I have read during that week.  To kick it off, where would I go but to Cape Breton?  My first book that I read this last week, and would love to share is Her Mother's Daughter by Lesley Crewe.

Crewe hails from Homeville, Cape Breton and she has a wonderful ability to develop characters who are just like your neighbors and even some family members from Cape Breton.  And the characters in this book are no different.  You fall in love with some of them quickly, while others you want to see them put in their place. 
The opening of the book sees two sisters living two very different lifestyles, one had run off to New York, by way of Toronto, while the other sister remained at home to look after their mother and her daughter.  But life often brings many twists, and they see their lives colliding together, and of course, memories, and old stories are brought up, as are old feelings and new drama. 
Bay has had some terrible things handed to her through out her lifetime, and the hits just keep coming.  But I don't want to ruin the book by telling you too much about it. 
I will tell you that I loved it, I love when I see myself in characters, and that happened with this book.  When I finished reading it, I immediately went to the computer and ordered Lesley's new book, Kin, and I can't wait for it to arrive! 
You never know where you are going to find an author that you will really like, and I fell in love with Crewe when I read Relative Happiness, and I keep picking up her books ever since.  I hope you will enjoy her book as well, and if you live in Fort McMurray and are interested in reading it, drop me a note and the first one to respond can pick it up here!

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