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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ever feel like you run through a day?

Lately with the kids schedules, and hubby being back to work, and just life in general, I feel like I get up in the morning, and run through the day.  Yesterday at 5p.m I realized I had 45 minutes to pull off supper, finish writing a column, change, put some make-up on, and get out the door to do pick up three children at different spots, do my weigh in, drop the kids off at cadets and go to a meet and greet for some people who were in town.  And today is worse, lol.  I love when the experts say to fit in time for yourself, and exercise, because some days I literally forget to eat. 

So, I had set a goal for myself that I would lose 9 pounds before Matt Minglewood, and I gave myself 4 weeks to accomplish that, and I failed by .2 of a pound.  I was suppose to lose 1.8 this week, but only pulled off 1.6.  But I still lost, and I am feeling the difference, in my clothes, and in my attitude.  I feel like "I got this" this time around.  I want to feel better, I want to have more energy for my busy days, and I have a few personal goals as well.  The first is that I want to put my wedding rings on again, and I am ready to do whatever it takes to slip them back on my hand.  So last year before Christmas I was sitting at my highest weight ever, 232 pounds.  Last night I was at 195.6, so the next goal will be to get out of the 190's....only 5.6 pounds!  I can do that!  I have to break it down in small goals for myself, or the numbers seem too huge...if I had started out thinking that I needed to lose 60 pounds, I would have been overwhelmed.  And really, it was more the stress, braces and Tim's accident that helped me drop the first 30 or so.  It really has only been since Christmas that I started making some lifestyle changes to help me feel better.

I hope you are all still on track, I can't believe how fantastic some of you are doing...18 pounds in 4 weeks, 15 pounds from a busy mom, 14 pounds from someone who has not lost any weight in 15 years, I am loving the stories, and draw inspiration from them all.  If you are interested in joining us on Facebook, add "Losing it from Fort McMurray to Nova Scotia"!

This is going to be my big challenge week, and I know it!  Matt Minglewood will be in town, and to get a table, we will have to be there early, which means we will eat there, and have a few drinks with our friends.  My goal is to dance off every extra calorie I consume, so I will see you on the dance floor!  

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