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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

On Days Like Today

This last month has been filled with fancy dresses, nights out, and even a special award. But none of that moved me enough to write about it. But today did. Today our little girl, Shayleen came home from her last day of Kindergarden, and in her little pink Dora backpack there was a certificate. It was just a little piece of paper that stated that she was being promoted to Grade One in the fall, and she will stay in French Immersion.

They had pajama day today, so I snapped a pic of her in her princess nightgown clutching her certificate. She has a huge grin on her face, and slipped out to the deck to have a quick little cry as while many others might take such days for granted, we never will.

We made the commitment to all our kids that we would do our best by our children when we had them, and we mean that for all the kids in our lives, whether they are fostered, biological or adopted. All parents usually make the same promises. We all stay up all night with them as babies, and when they are sick. We do late night pick ups and early mornings with coffee in hand. Sometimes I think that we are so worried about doing things wrong with Shayleen that we spend extra time with her than we did with the others, but we were so dedicated to our boys as well, that I don't know. Maybe we just feel more protective of her, because we want her story be more of a "happy ever after" than to just remember the terrible start she had in this world. Because as many don't know, our two boys are absolute miracles too. We were never suppose to have them, and I guess we look at all of them as such treasures. As all children should be....treasures.

Mitchell came in the door today and said, "I'm officially done grade 11." And Shayleen came home this afternoon finished kindergarden. I have joked for many years that I will need medication to deal with the baby being in school full time in the fall, and the oldest in his graduating year. As it draws closer, and I see all kinds of other friends going through it this year, I might not joke any more.

But for tonight, let's all celebrate life, children, hard work, and the end of the school year!

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  1. Felicitations Shayleen! I hope I spelled Congratulations in French properly. Enjoy your summer, next year will be very busy!