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Friday, September 26, 2014

First confession

I totally screwed up this week, my first week for weigh in. We had gotten tickets to the movie, The Grand Seduction for last night at Keyano. So I missed my first weigh in at Tops, but according to my scale at home, I am down about three pounds. So next week I will have a bit more pressure, in that I have to stay focused and be down even more when I go on Thursday.

I am using my Fitbit to get my steps in, but I have to admit that this summer I fell down some stairs, and I am feeling that ankle when I go for my longer walks. Hopefully it will get better as I get used to walking more again. It is definitely easier to stay on track when everyone in the house is trying to eat healthier too, it even makes a difference having Shayleen in school and they are talking about better choices. So here's hoping that I can stay on track, I know that it will get harder as the weather gets colder, but I will just have to get creative on how to keep it up, right!?

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