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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Going to Try Again!

The Ultimate Blog challenge started again today. It's a way for bloggers to connect, and for more people to find your blog. But the big thing for me is that the challenge pushes you to be more consistent. And for anyone who already follows this blog, you know that's a challenge for me. But the last few weeks, since school started, I have become a bit more consistent in somethings in my life again, like exercise, house work, and healthier eating. And for those who know me, you know that I do none of those things very well.

To be honest, today was one of those days where my heart and my thoughts and everything in my life was focused on other friends of ours that are currently going through a terrible nightmare, every parent's nightmare. So while I have been sitting here trying to force myself to write something, anything, it just won't come tonight. So all I can say is give your kids a special hug tonight, because you are lucky you can, and tomorrow I will try to be more professional, and yes....consistent.


  1. Verna, it's easy to get stumped when writing, especially if it feels forced as in a daily blog challenge. You may wish to consider several options as it seems you are taking A LOT all at once! You may prefer to simplify, posting short, simple posts and/or maybe every other day or once a week if it gets to be too much or join other blog challenges that give ideas through writing prompts. Good luck and have fun! ;) <

  2. I also have consistency problems.. And i am trying to find ways to push myself to write more... So, I am here with you to try together!
    But.. What exactly is the Ultimate Blog Challenge??

    Nice to meet you!
    See you around!