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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Untamed Feast

I am always searching for new recipes ideas, and when I find things that appeal to everyone at the table from 5 years to 42, I have to share.

During the fall trade show my friend Jon Tupper texted me a picture of a bottle of morel mushrooms. I suddenly had to make the trip to MacDonald Island, I was totally bummed that they did not come back during the recent trade show. So I went looking for their product online and was happy to find out that they will ship to Fort McMurray. This will now give me the chance to try some of their other products that I haven't yet.

The other night I was craving some morels, so I tried the recipe that they included in the bag for their "Classic Mushroom Cream Sauce" and used it on farfalle. I adjusted the recipe some, to suit the kids(no onions, and left out the cheese for one of them), but at the end of supper there wasn't one single bite left for Tim to take any leftovers for work.

Here is the link to the website for the recipe, they even do videos, so there is no way you can screw them up.

And here is how it turned for me the other night:
It really is hard to find something that everyone says that they loved it, so I will be ordering more product! As I went to the website, I also found out that I loved the story of the company. In order to obtain the morel mushrooms they have to go where the wild fires are, so they go into Northern British Columbia, and Alberta and even the Northwest Territories in search of the delicious morsels. So yes, you are going to pay a bit more for these mushrooms, but when making a special dish for a special occasion they are so worth it.

The risotto was also really good, and so easy compared to the traditional way of making it(imagine, no stirring!).


  1. I like it this blog information, thanks for sharing

  2. Tried the Porcini Risotto tonight for the first time. It was out of this world! Very good. We will be returning to the Farmer's Market this week and stocking up on this great product!!

  3. Would make my table ready for Mushrooms soon.