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Monday, August 31, 2015

It's time to start all over again.

229.4. There it is, the great big ugly number. It's the number that came up on the scale this morning. It's the number that took me all day to put into print. It's the number that needs to be defeated, again.

Yep! Over two years ago I had hit a slightly higher number, and I had done well for several months at losing the weight. And then life threw me some curves, and I found that my weakness during stressful times is food. I had thought I would never go back, I would never lose focus on my health, I would never gain it back. And here I am. Starting all over.

Around supper time one of my best friends texted me, and asked me how my day went. This morning on Facebook I made a statement that it was "Operation Take back the house, and the body" day one. I had all the best intentions today, but didn't do as well as I had hoped. My goal was to get back to the gym, and that didn't happen. I got wrapped up with back to school details, work and other crazy life details that I had been putting off over the summer. But I did eat healthy today to kick it off, and I went for a little walk as well. But in order to lose some major pounds, I have to get back to the gym, and one other thing...I need to get the family on board.

Tim(hubby) actually printed off some healthy meal plans to kick off the first month, and I will post any recipes that turn out well. But having him on board is huge. I fight terrible guilt since his accident. It took me a while to admit it to him, but since his accident he has not been able to be as active as he use to be, so every time I could be active, I was having guilt. But now the weight is affecting my health, and my happiness, so it's time to get better. And it will help us all.

So if you want, you can join me on my journey. Come up with a meal plan that works for you, and perhaps some exercise too, and I will give you the ugly details each Monday about how I am doing.  I realized during my last journey that putting out the ugly numbers, and telling about the funny struggles I was having helped to keep me accountable. But that might not work for everyone, so find what works for you, and join me.

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