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Monday, March 11, 2013


Before I forget, I will tell you about my Monday weigh in first.  After a vacation, where I was convinced I gained, as I seemed to eat and drink through some days, and then returned to Fort McMurray and total do my first weigh in tonight in three weeks, and I am down a pound.  That means that for every weigh in since Christmas I have lost.  I am pretty happy with that, but still have so far to go, but I remain on the right track.

So why chaos you ask?  Well, the night we returned our furnace was broken, and it was only today that the part came in and the fantastic furnace man came to fix it.  But chaos didn't really rule at our house, until a full 48 hours after we returned, when we had a placement with us on Friday.  So we are now "parents" to four children again.  All I can say is that it is an 18 month old.  Tonight was the first trip to the grocery store, and just let me say, I forgot how if there are no tie in straps on the cart, then they constantly try to stand up.  I also forgot if you go to close to the shelves, they will pull things at random onto the floor, and it is great fun to throw their sookie or anything else in the cart onto the floor.  I was breaking a sweat in the check out line as I tried to hang onto him and put the groceries on the conveyor...and there was no trip to the Starbucks line for me, and when I got home I was missing  five things off my list.  I will look at it as a retr aining session!  Next time I will remember and do better, lol.

As you know with fostering, we really don't know how long this placement will be...some that we would have happily kept forever left us far too soon, and others that we thought were for a weekend, like Shayleen, are in our hearts, and our home forever.  The adjustment period is the worst, where you are trying to figure out likes and dislikes, and a routine that is going to work for everyone, although tonight it was made perfectly clear that no peas will be eaten by this little one!

The one thing that always seems to go by the way side when I get busy with the kids in my house, my own, or foster, is my writing.  So I am publicly giving you all the right to ask me how the writing is going on any given day.  Ask me if I made the time, ask me if there is another blog coming, ask me how the work on the revisions to my book are going....give me the kick in the pants that I need to not give up that which I love. 

A painting called "Chaos" is a great way to imagine the way I have been running my butt off the last few days.


  1. That painting captures my day and past few weeks. Looking forward to meeting your placement at school!

  2. Updating my blog and checking yours at the same time. You ARE a busy mama but don't forget to take time to write! You asked for a reminder.:) I admire anyone who can foster. Very admirable. Must be very emotional. I couldn't handle it but wow that you can do it.:)