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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oh boy, what did I get myself into?

Wow, when I asked you all to challenge me, I was expecting a few people to send some nice suggestions of things to try as far as exercise go.  Two days later, I am still receiving emails about activities and classes to try.

And since I publicly made the commitment, I will be sharing over the next few weeks about all the classes that I attend right here in the blog.  So far I have been challenged with Zumba, water aerobics, yoga, group kick, jogging, aquasize, swimming, and mentions of roller derby and belly dancing...although the last two, April and Melissa did not so much challenge me, and I do not have skates for derby, or the belly for belly dancing, so those two are in limbo for now.  But I will even go one step further, so to speak, and I am going to post every single night what I did for exercise on that day, and a picture.  Now if you know me, you know I do not like getting my picture taken, so it will be a picture of the class, or the building, or one of the scenery if I am

So, I will post every day on my facebook in the morning which class I am attending, or what I am doing for the day, and if anyone in Fort McMurray wants to join me, I would love the company, just try to control your laughter for the uncoordinated moves during some of the classes.  And if you know any classes that I might enjoy, keep em coming.

The only thing that I am committing to more than one right now is yoga.  Angela MacDonald is a woman whom I have long admired, and over the last two years or so I have watched her transform as she has started her own business here in Fort McMurray teaching yoga.  I don't think she has ever looked so good, she is radiant, and says it has much to do with yoga, and eating better.  I have known her since our early days in Mabou, and I trust her enough that when she says that I will be okay in her Saturday morning classes starting in May at Holy Trinity as a beyond green beginner.  She also assures me that I do not need to be flexible, and that is a myth, but practicing yoga will give me more flexibility.  So that is the one major thing I am committing to, her class starting in May...that will give me enough time too to find some work out pants, lol.

In the meantime, since I did not put a schedule together yet, tonight I will start with a good walk some time after supper, even if it is at 10p.m. when I can finally get out.  Watch for the picture!  And thanks again for the support, everyone who is reading this blog and sharing it are becoming wonderful friends, friends I never expected to have when I started this sharing.

The one other project that I started that I wanted to mention is a special one.  I am a believer in showing gratitude, writing what I am grateful for, and laying my life out for others to examine so that they can relate in some way.  I have written several blogs about things and people I am grateful for in my life.  But last night while writing something else, I came up with another idea.  Every morning I am going to find someone in my life and tell them why I am grateful for them.  I am starting with people on my facebook, but will reach out to others in my life randomly as well.  And I am going to challenge everyone that reads this to try it as well, even if it is for one single time, you don't know how you might lift someone's spirits.  It might sound mushy...but imagine if someone you haven't heard from in a while suddenly sent you a little message saying that they were grateful for you in their lives, it would feel good wouldn't it?  Why not pass it on?  I am sure some of my friends, and definitely some of my family might think I am getting light in the head and not just the body, but that's okay, and yep, I will share some of the good reactions I get when I catch someone off guard, but I will respect their privacy while doing so, it is just another way to make life a little sweeter.

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  1. AWESOME VERNA, i started with a squat challenge , doing well so far , good luck <3