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Monday, April 1, 2013

So Excited!

This was a very, very hard week as far as weight loss goes.  I am at week 12 since I really started to pay attention to my body, and what I was putting into it, and this week I wanted to lose so badly I could taste it, and I did.  It was only .6 of a pound, but let me tell ya, I'll take it!  It was a stress filled week, as hubby was out of town, again, the hot water tank broke, and I was getting everything ready for Easter, by myself, again, lol.  Add in that we had friends over for a big meal one night, with wine, and the night that the hot water tank broke was definitely a pizza night.

I have also started making some subtle changes to my diet, and my body went into a massive craving, headache, just yucky all over kind of feeling.  I am hoping that the worst is over as far as that goes, except that I am still craving cheese.  I am trying to cut out dairy and white start, and have dramatically cut back on my sugar intake.  Years ago I had seen a naturopath and he had done several tests and had highly recommended that I give up dairy.  I did, for a while, but with kids, and a great love of cheese, I just could not keep it up.  But now that I want to be healthier, I want to give it another shot and see if it makes a genuine difference on how I feel physically.

Tonight, I feel strong, and ready to take on a new week, and a new month!  I am sitting at 191.2 tonight, and next Monday I desperately want to see that scale hit somewhere below that 190 mark, cheer me on and wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck Verna! I enjoy your posts! I need to exercise and eat better too so maybe I will go sign up for a yoga class after reading your post!!:) I have been meaning to do that for months!:)