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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My week in a nutshell, and why I miss Cape Breton today.

Okay, so I didn't post my weigh in results on Monday.  By Tuesday morning my inbox was full, and it was pretty funny, most thought I didn't do a post because I had gained.  Let me tell ya, it's not so!  Fourteen weeks in a row this mama has lost!  Pretty good eh?  And then came this week.
It has been nine months since I suffered with a kidney infection, it's almost a record for me, but on Sunday I was hit, and I was hit badly.  When I get them this bad, I have an upset stomach to boot, and when I get that I don't feel like eating anything...until I start feeling better, and then I get terrible cravings, that usually include a trip to McDonald's.  What is it about their grease and an upset stomach?

Today I am almost walking upright again, as a mom that has a hubby who is out of town, again, I don't really have a choice to be sick.  Kids have to be fed, picked up, dropped off, changed, and fed!  LOL...with such a variety of ages in the house, I am like a mom of all trades!

But here my bigger challenge as the weekend draws near, both my hubby and I share the same birthday, and this year a celebration is in order after the rough year we have had, not to mention that we are hitting the big 4-0!  I am hoping he has some dancing built into his surprise birthday plans so that I can burn off at least of the few extra calories that I take in as we celebrate.  It is also my niece's first birthday this weekend, but I am getting a bit better when I go to birthday parties to prepare to resist any treats that I might want.  But going out for our birthday supper, with drinks, well, it will be harder to resist letting down my guard.  I am hoping to add in some extra walks if the weather cooperates, as well as my back, lol.  But since I could barely walk Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, I have not been adding in my exercise as I promised.  What do they say about the best laid plans?  I should have no excuse tomorrow, as I am up moving about better today.

And one last note totally off subject, but like many people from across the country today, I was so sad to hear about Rita MacNeil's passing.  As the morning went by I found myself listening to some of her songs that I liked, and of course, I listened to Matt Minglewood's version of Working Man.  It wasn't until a friend of mine posted "Home I'll Be" that I started crying, and like many Cape Bretoner's who find themselves living away, I have been lonesome for the rest of the day.  It would have been nice today to sit in my mom's kitchen and have a cup of tea while we listened to some of Rita's songs together.  Last year I had watched a special just around Christmas time that Rita did about her book.  I was so moved by her life story, many details that I had never heard before, that I emailed her.  And we exchanged a few emails, which touched my heart then, and again today I thought of how kind she was.   And then I thought, I bet many will remember her for her singing, but I am willing to bet that many more will first think of her kindness, and isn't that a wonderful legacy to leave this world?  Rest in peace Rita, you were a beautiful soul, and today is one of those days that I am proud to say I am from Cape Breton, just like you.

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