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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I always say I am not going to do it....

If you have been following my blog at all, you know that this was the year that I was going to start putting myself first a bit, lose some weight, have some alone time, etc.   You know, stuff we took for granted before kids and crazy schedules, lol.  And in some aspects, I have been doing okay, but not great.  Last night I gathered with the other ladies from Tops(Taking off Pounds Sensibly), and found out that I had lost again...I have now officially lost every week for a consecutive 17 weeks!  And I want to do it for 20.  I have now lost about 18 pounds, so I am hoping next week, with some extra work that I will hit that 20 pound mark.  I am starting to notice differences in my clothes, and it feels good.  It is going a bit slower than I would like, but I also keep reminding myself that I did not gain it all in a few weeks, but over a number of years.  Patience, right?

But every time we get a new foster child life at our house goes a bit off the rails.  As you can imagine, it is a bit of a challenge to figure out their schedules, what they like, and don't like, add in some challenging allergies, or anything else that I am not use to dealing with on a regular basis, and the appointments for doctors, social workers and visits, and well, yeah, you get it.  This time around, I swore that I would not totally give up my Tops time, my me time, and I was still going to try to exercise, lol, funny how we can talk ourselves into things and make ourselves believe it.  It usually takes me a solid two weeks or so before I feel in control of the schedules and everything again when we have a placement.  This time around I am eight weeks in, and only starting to get a grip on things.  Needless to say, the "me" in the house once again lost her way, as I succumbed to the sleepless nights, hectic days and constant meltdowns(both mine and the new addition).

In talking to other moms and friends I found that many of them also felt like there was no balance in their lives....we make sure the kids get to everything they need to get to, but taking even a half hour to ourselves seems completely selfish, and almost an insane idea.  We do groceries, laundry, cleaning, errands, school meetings, practices for the kids, and don't forget the meals, dishes, and garbage duty...but the thought of taking a bath one night a week is such a foreign concept that Tim actually made me have one for my birthday...alone, and in peace, with a glass of wine and no one at the door.  It was divine.

But the one thing that is suffering besides my hairy legs, is the house, and it is time for me to go public! Yep, I figure that if me being accountable here with my weight is keeping me motivated, then the house can only benefit from being under a microscope.  So this is what I am going to do, and I would love if you share the pics, and talk about me as much as you will just be more pressure to get things done.  I am going to post pictures of my messy house!  Starting tomorrow morning I will post a picture of a spot that is annoying me lately, and I am going to focus on that spot until I get the clutter cleaned up, the dust bunnies gone, and the floors shining!  Then I will post an after picture.  For the tremendously bad spots, like my closets, the "spare" room, and the room that is suppose to be my office but is actually loaded with bags of clothes, old toys and boxes of books, I will ask you for your best decluttering tips, and I am purging it all!  Everything will either be put up on Kijiji or posted on the Fort McMurray giveaway site!  I want to impress, both you and myself, so I am even aiming on eventually painting our room(which we have never done), and the "spare room".  I am hoping since we will all be "doing it together" so to speak that it will be fun.  Because here is the thing, each day I get up I think, "This is the day I am mucking out this house",  and then life happens, and I get a bit done, and then the kids blow in, and it looks like I did nothing.  Like my body, the house did not get to be a cluttered mess in a few days, and it is not going to get miraculously done in a few days either....but this will give me specific jobs to do, and hopefully they will get done.  Because just like the extra pounds, the clutter and messes are really starting to weigh me down.  So tomorrow check in for the first pic, be prepared to be horrified(my mother is going to have a stroke I'm sure)....and give me your best tips, because house cleaning is just not my thing, a house full of kids I can handle, but a jam packed closet just needs to be ignored.  This may be a challenge!!!!!

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