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Monday, May 20, 2013

A new week!

I am hoping a good start to the new week bring a positive change to the house.  I have to admit, the amount of hate mail that I received last week got the best of me, before all the love mail that I got turned it around.

So today I have lots to catch up on since I was avoiding the computer like the plague the last few days. First up, it is check in Monday!  And yes, I lost again tonight!  I am down another 1.6 pounds.  If I lose next Monday, I will have lost for 20 weeks in a row!  I think that is pretty cool, eh?  Now if I can just pull it off this week, I just want to be able to say that I hit that 20 weeks.

And I did not forget my house projects!  Here is what I did today....the before picture of my fridge!
Our fridge always seems to be overflowing...and it is the one thing that every time opens the door he is cursing, as being a typical man, he can never find anything in it.  I always remember his grandmother saying that a properly cleaned fridge had everything taken out, and all the shelves were scrubbed clean. So that is what I do every couple of weeks, and pulled it off today.  Here is the after pic.
Still a bit cluttered, but totally spic and span!  Tomorrow, I am starting on the kitchen book shelves.  But I might have to start kicking it up a notch, as my mother-in-law will be here in seven days!!  LOL....not that she has ever given me a hard time about my lack of housekeeping skills, but I would still like it to look nice when she arrives.  My poor parents when they landed, well, they surprised me, so I guess the mess of my house surprised them, lol!
Thanks again for all the love and support this last week, the people who know me were quick to jump to my defence and that made me feel better.


  1. My fridge looks like picture number one. I have been thinking of making it look like picture number two.

    Also, why would someone follow and read your blog if they didn't like it? I have been puzzled by that one for days.:)

  2. Nice work on the fridge! How do you manage only one fridge with your big family,hope you have a super happy week.