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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The first pic of my mess!

Okay, so I have gotten such a kick out of the emails and texts that I have gotten about posting my pictures of the house and my mess!  You swear to God I was going to pose nude or something, and no, that will never happen, lol!  I am just hoping that by posting I am going to get great suggestions on what to do with my clutter and lack of organizational skills.  Funny how I can run the schedules like nothing, but there seems no time to do the extra jobs that keep popping up around the house...wait until you see my stash of pictures that need to be put in photo albums!

So I thought I would start in the kitchen, since it is the first thing everyone sees when they come in the door, and where we spend most of our time.  This first picture is of a little table that sits in the middle of the room, which I absolutely detest.  We have a big table right beside it where the kids will drop everything, and then I end up moving it to the little table, and there it sits until I go through it every week or so and put things where they should be, only to have it full of clutter again the next day.  This picture also gives a good indication of the problem that I seem to have all around the house, my bad habit of keeping papers, books and oh yeah, papers, in every room.  Even the bathroom has a stash of magazines and may be time to part with some of them, but it will take a bit of mental work on my behalf, as I cling to them like they are valuable treasures.  I have given aways dishes, jewellery and other things without a thought, but the thought of my books leaving makes me have a little panic attack.

I also had a little panic attack this morning when I reread my blog this morning and looked around the house, what in the name of good God was I thinking?  And then I thought, "I am going to clean up a bit before I post the pictures."  Well, that went out the window as I chased the baby around, read some books to Shayleen, did two baths, and finally got myself in the shower before taking Shayleen to school.  Then I spent the afternoon in the line up at the registry office, flew to grocery store with my spare 15 minutes before I picked Shayleen up again.  Sooooo, here I am, posting the pictures as the house is, in all it's messy glory!

So first project is to see what kind of difference I can make on this little table by the time I am ready to throw myself into bed tonight(did I mention that hubby is away until tomorrow night too, what a week I picked to start, lol).  I am hoping over the coming days to post pictures in the morning, and then have the result picture at the end of the day.  I already have some people saying that they are going to join me in decluttering, feel free to send me our before and after pictures, and I will post them so I am not alone in my challenge!

And yes, that is an Easter basket still on the table...told you this should be fun!

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