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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Oh my Lord!

I was sitting here texting Tim(hubby), who is once again in Edmonton, telling him how extreme this day was going to be.  I had a list of things that absolutely had to be done, which included some running around, all while dealing with a cranky baby that was up since 3a.m.

And then the phone rang, it was my father-in-law asking if I could pick him up at the airport, "Sure," I said very confidently like, "See you at 4!"  And then I hung up and totally panicked, there would have to be an added trip to the grocery store to find something suitable for supper.  And then I stopped in my tracks....he would be staying a few nights, and that meant I could not put him on the couch....I would have to open the spare room door.  I avoid opening the spare room is a catch all spot for skateboards, out of season clothes and every knick knack that will eventually be a house warming gift or suitable birthday gift.  So while I got the hamburger on to cook for the lasagna for supper, I thought I would totally stop(and further delay the opening of said door) to post my panic, and a picture of what is causing the panic.  I have been proud of being open and honest with all of you about my weight, my life and my here is what I will be tackling for the next hour before I have to leave again to pick up Shayleen at school and head to the airport, all the while dealing the other said cranky baby.  For the Lords' sakes, wish me luck!!!!!!!!

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