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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Easy Shepherd's Pie

This is so easy, and one of Tim's favorites...and the kids all eat it too, so you know those recipes are keepers!

I peel and get the potatoes boiling first.  I usually use about six to eight potatoes for a casserole dish that is 9X13.  While the potatoes are cooking, I brown up about a pound and a half of hamburger.  Nothing is exact, lol.  I don't like as much potato,  so I don't make them as thick on my end when putting it together...and you can add more hamburger depending on how many you are feeding.

As the hamburger is getting close to finished, add in about two tsp. of garlic, and about a half a cup of red wine(the wine is optional, but I find it gives a fuller taste).  Then drain off any remaining fat after the wine is soaked into the meat.  Add a package of onion soup mix(or two if you have more hamburger).  Add some salt and pepper to taste, and at least one tablespoon of worcheshire sauce.  Blend this all together well.  Then add about three cups of vegetables.  I like the frozen mix with carrots, peas, beans and corn...but I usually add in an extra can of corn because the kids like it.  Then dump the mixture into a casserole dish, and top with potatoes which have been mashed.  I add about two tablespoons of butter and one third of a cup of whipping cream or milk to the potatoes when I am mashing them.

Then top the meat mixture with the potatoes, and throw in the oven at 355 degrees for about a half hour to 45 minutes.  I cover with tinfoil, but then take it off towards the end to brown the potatoes some, as that is how Tim likes it.

Hope you enjoy!

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