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Monday, August 26, 2013

It's Monday...and time for me to start my confessions again.

So tonight I returned to TOPS(Taking off Pounds Sensibly)...and I thought that I had gone early in July, but low and behold, I have not been there or weighed in since June 3rd.

For those of you who know us, you know that we went through a very hard time the last few months.  When I would be in Edmonton, and around the hospital I ate horribly, and I lost about seven pounds the first few weeks.  But then when I started being back up in Fort McMurray, I found that I was stress eating, pasta and bread once again became my best friends.  Tim was away a lot as well through the entire summer, spending days down in Edmonton almost every week.  So I would then eat what the kids wanted.  Add in that I felt like I never had time to even go for a walk, and well, you know what has happened.  I have gained.  I was so proud that from Christmas to June, I lost every week.  But since then I have gained 5.6 pounds while going without checking in.

But tonight as I sit here, 5.6 pounds heavier, which puts me back at 189.6, I am more disappointed with myself than anything else.  I said that I would keep making my health a priority, and I was going to stay on track.  But I didn't, and I can say it was stress and it was the summer and all that, but those are all just excuses.  And I am disappointed that once you throw stress at me, I revert back to dealing with my emotions with food.

So I am back in the confessional, I am back to making healthy meals, not just for myself, but for the family, and hopefully next week I will be able to report a loss.  I was way too close to those 190's tonight for my own comfort.

How did everyone else do this summer?  Ready to get back on track with me?

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