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Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday fun and curiousity

I have been getting several offers from companies to post advertising on my blog.  One actually is interesting me enough that I am actually really playing with the idea, it looks like fun.  The other offer that keeps coming in is for people to do "guest blogs" here.  I know it would give me more content, but also still playing with the idea.  I still like the idea that the words you find here are mine alone, and therefore, I am responsible for either making you disappointed or entertaining you.

But what is even more exciting is that my blog is "doing well" in numbers, and it looks like an editor wants to work with me.  I want to see what we can do over the weekend, so as another challenge, do you see the woman who looks like she is juggling to the right of this?  Can you click on that to bring you to Top Mommy Blogs?  Right now in the rankings I am #171 out of about 4500 blogs, and #8 overall in my category.  I am only eight people away from reaching 500 on my Facebook writing page too, so if you enjoy the postings there, can I ask you to share it on your page?  I am giving myself the deadline to finish my last three chapters of my book by the end of November, but I need your help too if I am going to be able to appeal to a publisher.

I already know in advance that I need to thank you all for "sharing" and clicking, you all will never know how much it means to have your support and wonderful words of encouragement.

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