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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some people are just evil.

I am one of those people that if I am sitting still, I have to be reading.  So I take a lot of pride in how much news I read every day, and after having this habit for years, there is not too much that really, really affects me any more.  But last night I read something that actually made me physically sick.  Long after I went to bed, I lay there thinking of what I had read, and all through the day today it has stayed with me and left me feeling quite agitated.  So I sat down to write about it, because that is always how I deal best with things that are on my mind.

This was the article that I read last night that has caused me so much upset: It was written by Nancy King, who has provided the most comprehensive coverage of the whole fiasco that is Fen MacIntosh.

Fenwick MacIntosh responds to sexual allegations, maintains innocence

Staff ~ The Cape Breton Post
Published on June 15, 2012
SYDNEY — The man at the centre of an infamous case of historic sexual abuse allegations says he’d like to see criminal charges filed against some of his accusers.
Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh wrote to provincial Justice Minister Ross Landry on May 25.
In the four-page letter, MacIntosh notes that he has always maintained his innocence. At trial, he testified that he had no sexual contact with some of the complainants and had consensual relations with others when they were above the age of consent.
The Cape Breton Post received a copy of the letter sent to Landry by mail from MacIntosh, with a return mailing address in Dartmouth but no other contact information. The Post confirmed with a provincial government spokesperson that the letter was sent to Landry. MacIntosh’s lawyer, Brian Casey, confirmed that his client wrote the letter.
In the letter, MacIntosh singles out two complainants, who can only be identified as DRS and JH, saying he believes they should be charged with “perjury, with misleading a police investigation, with mischief and with any other relevant charges.”
MacIntosh’s convictions on 17 counts of sexually abusing multiple young males in the 1970s were quashed by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, which found it took too long for the Crown to bring him to trial. He was first charged in 1995 and was convicted 15 years later at two trials. He had been extradited from India to stand trial in 2007. The Supreme Court of Canada upheld the staying of the charges based on delay.
“The appeal court seriously questioned the credibility and collusion of the complainants which the trial judge had ‘ignored’ and stayed all of the charges,” MacIntosh wrote to Landry.
He also made reference to a number of the complainants as having been found not to be boys when the offences are alleged to have occurred by the trial judges, instead they were referred to as young men.
MacIntosh noted he has read media reports suggesting Landry’s department may initiate an inquiry looking into what caused delays in the matter going to trial.
“I would welcome an inquiry, but I would expect any inquiry to focus on all aspects of the case, particularly the collusion among the complainants the blatant misrepresentation of the truth by the complainants, the deliberate lying by at least two of the complainants and the sloppy misrepresentation of evidence by the trial judge, as well as delay issues,” MacIntosh wrote.
He noted that the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal found that one of the trial judges misunderstood some of the evidence in reaching his decision and would have ordered a new trial if the convictions hadn’t been stayed based on delay.
“I’m not even mad at him anymore,” DRS said in an interview after hearing about the letter, noting he remains angry with attorneys, police and agencies involved with the matter over the years. “He is just a sick human being.”
“He never ceases to amaze me, he just wants his profile and people to think it was consensual and this is really bothering him and I’m glad it’s bothering him,” said RM, another complainant.
MacIntosh also detailed to Landry the ways in which he has been affected by the allegations against him over the years, including losing his job, being incarcerated in India and Canada for a total of 19 months, spending an additional three-and-a-half years on house arrest and being beaten twice by other inmates. He said he suffered financially, spending his savings on legal fees, and his health was affected.
Through Casey, The Post requested an interview with MacIntosh. Casey indicated MacIntosh was out of the country and not available for an interview.
MacIntosh has two unrelated but similar convictions on his record dating back to the 1980s for incidents that occurred in Newfoundland and Labrador.

A few months ago, I was literally sick to my stomach when the charges against MacIntosh were thrown out when the courts decided that it had taken too long to bring him to trial.  I guess they all forgot that his victims live with what he did every single day.  But I could not believe the fucking nerve, and excuse my language, but really....where does he get the evilness to come out and say that he believes that the victims should now be charged.  Instead of bringing more attention to himself, and still abusing these victims that he abused for so many years, this man needs to find a rock and get under it.  He should not be allowed to ever have contact with any children again, and he should not be allowed to be "out of the country" if there are still other charges pending!  And give me a goddam break about the "financial" is he affording to leave the country now?  
I am mad at the courts, but I am also mad at myself.  We constantly sit back and let these men abuse innocent children, and then abuse the legal system and get away with what they have done.  I felt totally humiliated to contact one of the victims after the charges were thrown out...I felt like we had all let him down some how.  I would say we are friends now, and he is by far one of the most courageous and inspiring people that I have the privilege to all a friend.  I cried last night thinking of him reading that article.  Can you imagine being abused, having the charges tossed out and then have the son of a bitch who caused you so much grief in the press saying that the victims should be charged?  I don't know how he functions, because I have anger about the situation, so how does he cope?  
I don't think I have ever thought that someone deserved to have something bad happen to him, but I truly think Fen MacIntosh is an evil human being, who will never do anything to show remorse for what he has done.  He deserves some suffering here on earth so that his victims can see it....for they won't have the luxury of seeing him burn in hell.  
My heart goes out to MacIntosh's victims, but also to all the other victims of sexual abuse who suffer in silence because they have been shamed into not saying anything. I feel for them, because their burdens are so heavy.  And I hope that someday there will be a justice system that works for the victims, instead of for the animals who violate our innocent children.

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