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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Where are you from/Where are ya to?

Since a techie friend gave me a few tips about my blog a few months ago, and I started poking around, I found a spot where it shows the countries of the people who are visiting.  I find it absolutely amazing that people that never met me somehow find their way to this blog, but to think that people in the United States, Japan, and Portugal, to name a few read this blog pretty amazing.  The last few days, the U.S. is actually leading in the numbers, even over Canada, so I had an idea.  When the boys were younger, if there was a place on the news that they did not know, we would pull out the globe and show them where it was in relation to Canada.  As they got older, we would google the place and try to make it fun, and find out a little bit about the town, city, or country.

So a few weeks ago, my husband put the idea in my head to do the same with my blog.  Why not try to find out where people are that are reading this page?  There are so many diverse countries being represented in the numbers....I would love to hear from everyone who chances to read this post.  Tell me a bit about yourself if you like, or just the name of the place you live.  It will be so much fun to see where everyone is from, whether it is Mabou, Nova Scotia(which if you haven't been yet, you must), to Fort McMurray, Alberta(the driving force of the Canadian economy and a fascinating place to live)....or if it is a small town in middle America, or a coastal resort in Belize, please join in the fun!  Leave a word or two in the comments to let us all know where you are from....of if you are from Newfoundland, where you are to!  Thanks!

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  1. enjoy the blog from Lake Ainslie,CB. I have a daughter in Red Deer.