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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I have to admit, that my "new beginning" to a year often comes in September.  But with the kids being off for the Christmas break, and Tim being off work due to more surgery, I feel like this New Year is a new beginning for the Murphy family.  AGAIN!!!  Let's just honestly list some things in our lives in the last 24 months....not even two years....there was a diagnosis of tumors, the passing of a grandparent, being hit by a drunk driver(and lots of subsequent problems), the loss of two children that we thought would be family members, a terrible accident of a beloved person in our family, subsequent surgeries for hubby from being hit by a drunk driver....oh, and my absolute best friend/sister-in-law moved to the other side of the country.  Did I forget anything?  Hmmm, how about just lots of medical crap that we are very sick of?  Like the finding of a medical problem with our son that is still ongoing....

Sound like enough?  Yes, we feel the same way too.  ENOUGH!!!  If I can ask any gods, if it is possible at all, can we just have a year off from anything negative?  Last January I felt like I was getting back on track, and from January until June, I lost weight every month, our family seemed like it was "on track" for lots of positive outcomes, and all the world was good.

And then in June, with some very hard times in our family, the whole world seemed to tilt, and I have not regained my control ever since.  BUT, I have always said that with a New Year come New Beginnings.  So here is hoping that 2014 brings some stability to our family.  May my husband have some pain relief, may I have no further medical issues with myself, or anyone I love.  And may we just have no drama, no bad news, or sad happenings in our lives for a while.  It feels like if I have anything else happen right now, I may not know how to handle it all.

Life can be hard, and yet, just being here is wonderful.  I have met some wonderful people in the last year, and I hope that they will become a bigger part of our lives, in a very positive way.  And we have reconnected with some other family members and friends that made me want to keep trying to make better relationships.....

2014 will see us return to Nova Scotia, for the first time in 5 years.  Every year seemed to hold a challenge that kept us away, but there is nothing that will keep us away in July.  The flights are booked, the days are counted follow me on my journey this year, and see if I face some of the fears I have, if I get rid of the pounds again like I did last year, and then gained again....and if our family excels through it all.

We have even further challenges that we cannot share(think fostering)....and of course, my book, the one that I continue to work on is the ultimate challenge in 2014.  Will this be the year for the Murphy family, or we will continue to face new challenges?  Follow along and all will be shared!


  1. Thanks for the chat, Verna. Really, it felt like we were sitting in your kitchen and just catching up on our everyday doings. In a sense it was about nothing special. In another sense, it's about all the "nothing specials" we all share, things that give texture to the fabric of our lives. A very pleasant few minutes. I missed the glass of wine, though, and I'll be ready next time. Cheers!

  2. Love the wine glass background on your post. Thanks for sharing your challenges. I am a firm believer that every challenge is an opportunity. An opportunity for learning, blessings and creating greatness in our everyday life.