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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why I need some resolutions!

As many remember last year I had taken on my weight loss, and from January until June I lost every single week.  But here is what I have learned, and what I need to remember in order to ever be successful...I am a huge stress eater.  I had always thought I was an emotional eater, but that's not true, I don't eat excessive amounts when I am down, and I don't use food for celebration.  But if you give me some stress, I am going to work my way through that with food.  And I can say without a doubt that the last six months have been almost painfully stressful, and I gained most of my weight back.  I will be going for my first weigh in in a few months on Monday, and I am guessing right now that I will back at my January mark of last year when I started.  So my first resolution is that I will once again make my health a priority, and I will look after my body better in 2014, stress or no stress.

One of the other things I really seem to struggle with is staying organized.  If I take a day to write, my house looks like a bomb went off, and if I keep up with the housework, then the writing never gets done.  I need to find a balance.  I need to find more time!  But no, I really need to find that balance, because I get frustrated when I don't write, and I get disgusted if my house is a mess. So my resolution on this one is to finally make up and stick to a schedule.  I recently spent a little time with a woman who is very successful in what she does, her house looks fantastic, and her energy is contagious.  She has made me want to set some goals, and with some hard work, accomplish a few things that I have been putting off.  It's funny though, we all are so hard on ourselves, and while I think I could be doing more, I have friends that wonder how I do what I do every day.  But I guess we are often our own harshest critics right?

I figure if I have some success in these areas, I will be a pretty happy camper, and then that will spill over to having more one on one time with the kids, more date nights with the hubby and a year that I will be happy to review at the end of it all.

So many of you joined me in my challenges last year, either physically and emotionally by becoming wonderful friends either online or in person, while others were cheerleaders or support because you all shared your stories with me.  I am like a kid during the first few weeks of January, where everything still feels possible, and all I need to do is the work...should be easy, right?  Look for my first weight post on Monday, and wish me luck as I once again tackle putting myself first(well, kind of first, lol) first as I can get with a house full, and the stress that comes with every day life.  Here we go!


  1. We sound a bit alike. I just like to eat, however! I do well when I'm working out and eating right with accountability, but when my program is over or on break I usually gain back what I lost. Tabata starts next week for 8 weeks. I know I can, I know I can, I know can! It's what comes after the 8 weeks that scares me!

  2. Here is the link with the info and links to sign up. You will also get more people coming to your blog if you post your links on the Soup page each day. I don't always use the prompts they don't have to, but it helps if you get stuck!

  3. Speaking of losing weight, that was very good black pudden, although if you agree that it can only be cooked in animal fat - bacon renderings preferably though butter will do in a crisis - it would have to be bad pudden not to taste good as it soaks up everything. by the time the fried mushrooms, bacon and eggs are piled up on top, well, it turned into a helluva meal. Thanks once again.