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Monday, January 6, 2014

I bet you didn't know this about me...

Yes, I have pretty much shared everything there is to share on this blog, but today I had the challenge to share ten things about myself that were random, and little known.  It took me all day to think of some things, ha, ha, so here it goes!

1. The first "grown up" book that I remember reading was Hugh MacLennan's, "The Watch that Ends the Night".  The book was pretty heavy for me(at 7), but it set the standard for the books that I wanted to read!  It was a book that my Nanny had in a box at the top of her stairs, and even though she suggested some others, I was bound and determined that I would read that one.

2. I own a Franklin Wright painting of Mabou, my hometown.  The famous painter is known for his nautical paintings, but many years ago, Tim's uncle commissioned him to do the painting as an anniversary gift for his wife.  Uncle Ford and I grew close over the years, and when he passed away after his wife, he left the painting to me.  It is something that I enjoy and treasure, and holds an honoured spot over the mantel of our fireplace.

3.  Tim was pretty broke our first Valentine's Day together, but he got me tickets to see the Rankin Family concert in Antigonish when I was at St. F.X.  He then fell asleep(which became a habit over the years)....but Valentine's Day was actually on Monday, as I was on my way back from class when I found him sitting on my step with roses, and two Mozza Burger meals.  He felt so bad about the weekend, he made it up to me on the actual day.  He has given me many nice things over the years since then for Valentine's Day, but those mozza burgers are still talked about every so often.

4.  My favourite pet as a kid was a dog named Hermes.  A professor at St. F.X. was moving, and was looking for a good home for his dog, and I am not sure how we heard about him, but he was about 11 when he came home with us that night when Dad, my brother A.D., and I went to get him.  He passed away when I was at college years later, and he was missed by everyone in the family.

5.  I hate mayonaise, it has to be Miracle Whip.

6.  I lost two babies after I had Nathanial, and when my kidneys started to fail, we couldn't have any more biological babies.  We have been blessed with many more through fostering, and Shayleen was our very first foster child, who we went on to adopt.  She will be 5 in February!

7.  I have lived in Fort McMurray for almost 7 years now, and I still miss the water.  Tim bought me a wave machine, so I can hear the ocean as I am falling asleep.

8.  My favorite spot to sit when I was a kid was either in the apple trees or down by the pond...both spots that I was not suppose to be, lol.

9.  I had Nathanial Bernard picked out for a boy's name when I was 10, but Tim wasn't crazy about it, so we named our first born Thomas Mitchell.  I had such a hard time having Nathanial, that Tim agreed I could name him whatever I wanted....Mitchell is named after Thomas Neville, my bone marrow transplant doctor, and Nathanial is named after my father(Garrie Bernard)....but ironically, Tim had uncles in his family history named Nathanial.

10.  I am a very shy person.  Everyone laughs when I say that, but I don't share well, I don't do great small talk, and I hate the phone, so I am a tough friend to have!  But once you are my friend, you are for life...I truly believe that every single person in my life is here for special reasons.

Thanks for sharing!


  1. I really enjoyed reading about you today! We have a few things in common. I too, do not like mayo! It has to be Miracle Whip. I am a shy person but working on that to open up more.

  2. Great post! I can totally identify with your number 10!!!!