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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's always sad to see things end.

So a few weeks ago I received an email that was kind of a blow, to say the least.  The newspaper I have been with for almost seven years was going through some changes, and columnists were one aspect that would be changing.  Initially the Post said I could stay and do one column a month, but the content would be different, and I really didn't feel comfortable with that, but I thought it would still be okay.  But with the change in income, when I started looking at writing for other papers, many did not want to work with me as long as I was working with "competition", and I would have to decide.  So today was my last column for the Cape Breton Post.

Many might think that it was just a job and I will move on and do other work, but for me, writing for the Post has kept me connected with people and the news from home.  It has been part of my identity for almost seven years now, and I cannot even begin to count the number of people I have met as a result of that column.  People who have come to Fort McMurray to work, people who have their children working here, and others who have just had curiosity about Fort McMurray have been in touch with me over the years.  Groups and individuals have shared their news with me, I have gotten to know their families, and now I feel like I will be losing all that.  My hope is that those who read the column will come here and read the blog, and maybe I will use the time I wrote the column to write here more consistently, lol.

I was so excited to start with the Post all those years ago, and I am sad to see it come to an end. But I am ever so grateful that they allowed me space with them all this time to share our experiences.  So if you have a mom or dad at home that read the column, please send them to the blog, and I will continue to tell our stories, and expand more to try to do a "column" blog every week with Fort McMurray news!

I will miss the stories that were shared with me, it was a privilege to share our lives with those who read the column.  Thank you, and may this new change bring some positive changes!


  1. Sorry to hear about your column. I've been to McMurray several times over the years & enjoyed your news & comments. Does the Post realize how many Cape Bretoners have ties with F.M.? Lloyd Northen, Judique.

  2. I agree with you... I have been to Fort McMurray several times to visit my daughter and her family who live there. I really enjoyed Verna's column in the Tuesday edition of the Cape Breton Post and I wrote to them advising them of my disappointment in her column no longer being part of our newspaper. So now I will be reading this blog site to keep up to date with Verna. I actually got to meet Verna this past Christmas when I was there to visit my family and look forward to meeting her again the next time I am in town.... Ruth, New Waterford, NS