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Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Weird Quirks

I know we all have our little "quirks", you know, the things that make us just a little bit different from all the rest. Don't we all have little conversations running in our head when we find ourselves in different situations? Please don't say no, I don't need to know that I am the only person that comes up with a list of 10 questions(in my head) that I could ask people who are serving me, nurses, cab drivers, snotty people in lines, and anyone else I come in contact with. No? Geez, maybe I shouldn't go on.

Especially in crowds, or busy environments, I play games in my head to make the time go by, make it more interesting, or I guess, honestly, just because I am weird. In crowds, or at parties, when someone is walking into the room, I try to guess who they will be going to sit or meet. In parking lots, I try to guess which car a person will go to. When I go to a restaurant with someone, I try to guess what everyone else will order. At Christmas parties, or company barbecues, I go up to the woman who I think looks the most well dressed, and tell her so(I have met some wonderful people doing that), and I will also introduce myself to total strangers to tell them they look like they are having so much fun, or they look in love, or if I am dying to find out their "story". The most memorable time I did this was at my Aunt Phil and Uncle Harry's wedding anniversary party. It was held in a hall in a town where I did not know many people, and there was a beautiful older couple that danced beautifully together all night. I finally had to ask several people who they were, and no one seemed to know, but my Aunt was very curious too. Turns out that they had only been together a few months, but danced in such perfect unison that it looked like they had been together a lifetime. She was 74, and he was 78, and they had just gotten married a few months earlier. She had been his first love, but he had gone off to work, and fell in love with another woman, and life happened. When he finally had returned to Cape Breton after 40 years, his love was still married to her husband, and so he waited. He said he knew that they should have been together, and that some day they would be together. It took almost 17 years of him waiting. After her husband died, he waited, and then turned up on her doorstep to ask her to a dance. And at 77 and 73, that was how they had finally found each other again. Some people have wonderful stories, and my Aunt and I were both moved by their story that night in that hall so many years ago. I was glad I asked, so maybe sometimes my little quirks are not so bad. Just don't ask my husband which quirks bother him most, I don't need to know that story.

One other quirk that I have is that on Fridays I set aside one hour every week and I travel. Since time and money do not allow, I do it all on my computer. I look at houses for sale in remote locations around the world, I price flights to South Africa, and I find a city that I have never heard of, and look at what the local attractions are to see. I price dream trips for myself, and for the family, and I even look at menus of expensive restaurants around the world. I have places that I want to visit in many cities if I am ever lucky enough to actually visit them.

And now you know some of my quirks, if you have a good quirk, please feel free to share it with me, because I love trying new ones when I can, it definitely makes life a bit more interesting.

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  1. Hey Verna, I don't know if I have any real quirks or not, I will have to start thinking about that one... but what a great way to pass the time in a lineup or doctors office maybe lol. But then again, maybe not, because now I will be wondering what is wrong with each person in the dr's office. But I do love the idea of taking a "travel" break... I have never travelled outside of Canada and would love to go South at some point if I can ever just take the money to go. My sister is going in March of this year and I would have loved to go with her but maybe now I will start my own "Dream Travel Hour" each week and do some research and start planning a vacation too. Ruth Dupe