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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fort McMurray Sunday News

When my column in the Cape Breton Post came to an end I promised that I would continue to share the Fort McMurray news here in this blog. I gave myself a little time to get use to all the changes in my life again the last few weeks, and I am finally ready to get back on track.

So I sat down this morning to make a schedule, and Sunday was usually the day that I wrote my Post column, so I thought why not continue the almost seven year habit, and write the Fort McMurray news on Sunday. So if you just want some news from our fair city, you can check out the blog on Sundays to get your fix. I have received so many emails from home about this, so if you have a parent at home in Cape Breton who use to read my column, please send them this link. And thanks to everyone who said that they would continue reading the news that I share from here because it makes them feel a bit more connected to their loved ones out here. I am doing this for all of you who have shared your wonderful stories with me over the years.

This was teacher's convention week, so the kids were off for the week, and of course, the weather was disgusting. Today it is sitting at -29. Many who work night shifts or outside a lot found themselves with some days off due to the extreme cold. I know many of the kids who had hoped to spend the week at the ski hill were greatly disappointed. Of course, the lucky ones escaped south for the week with the kids, with the flights to places like Mexico, and Hawaii filled to capacity this last week.

Around Fort McMurray it was kind of an odd news week.

This picture was the hot topic of conversation the last few days. The driver called into a local radio station to defend his driving skills, saying that he was cut off, clipped the car, and then ended up on top of two other vehicles in this parking lot. This spot really is crappy, the line up to Tim Horton's frequently spills out onto Thickwood Boulevard, and people get stuck behind them, and then pull back out into oncoming traffic. With a bad intersection right before this spot, and a school zone right below it, there really should be some kind of change made to make it safer. Signs have already been posted stating that people will be fined for blocking the Boulevard, and the drive-thru is now a double line, but still the coffee addicts don't follow the rules.

Not that I am defending this driver, I don't think he was driving the speed limit if he was able to land on two parked vehicles. But I could be wrong, and I hope I am wrong. I am sick of the drivers here, this parking lot is right outside where the public health office is located. Imagine if a woman had just come out with her baby when this happened. Instead of the jokes about the driver wanting to get his coffee, a much sadder outrage would be circling the community instead. I don't know what the answer is, but if really is scary some days to drive here. I hope that the municipality will continue to talk about different safety campaigns, and that the RCMP will continue to crack down on those who make our roads unsafe.

And to end on a personal note this week, our little Shayleen turned five on Thursday. All those who have read my column in the Post have been with us from the beginning with our little girl. It's so hard to believe that it has been 5 years since this little miracle blessed our lives. It was -50 with the windchill the night she was born, but my God, she warmed our hearts as soon as we saw her.

And look at her now!

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  1. oh Verna, thank you for continuing your writing here, I miss your column so much. I thought that you could no longer stop on the road turning into Tim's in Thickwood. It is a terrible place to stop your vehicle and I always thought it would make more sense to close off that entrance and make people enter from the street at the back of the building and use the front drive for exiting the parking lot only, at least any traffic jams won't be on the highway and they could have the two drive threws travelling in the opposite direction out to Thickwood again. And Shayleen, aw, I remember reading about when you and Tim first brought her home. Well, here it is 5 years later and she is so beautiful. I wish I had gotten to meet her at Christmas when I was there and the rest of your family too. Maybe next time I am there for sure. Thanks again from Ruth Dupe