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Sunday, March 23, 2014

St. Patrick's Day in Fort McMurray

Two of our best friends that we have had since we have moved to Fort McMurray are John and Andrea MacLean. Ironically, we can probably count on one hand how many times we even spoke to each other when we lived in Cape Breton. But when both our husbands left for Fort McMurray Andrea and I talked a few times about whether or not we would make the move. I came first, and was glad when a few months later Andrea and her two boys made the move as well.

But for all our time together out here, we rarely go out together, spending evenings at each other's houses instead always seems a better option. And even when we did go out, I think there was only one night where we went without the kids(and that was to go to Matt Minglewood of course).

So it was so nice on Monday night, St. Patrick's Day that we were all off and free to go see the Barra MacNeils together at Keyano Theatre, and we even went out to supper first! I hate getting my picture taken, and avoid it at all costs, but lately it has bothered me that I don't have any pictures with my friends. So when we had gone out to the gala, I took some pics with my friend Kerin, and on Monday, I got hubby to take some more of me and Andrea.

 The above is John and Andrea, and below is one of me and Andrea during intermission.

The Barra MacNeils were great. I haven't seen them in years and years, and their voices were just as strong as when I had first gone to see them many years ago at St. F.X. But before the Barras took the stage, there was a reception in the art gallery at Keyano, where we found ourselves surrounded by Capers. Cape Breton University was in town last week to tell high school students about the benefits of attending university on beautiful Cape Breton Island. And also in attendance was MP Rodger Cuzner, who was in town to meet and discuss several issues, and to also help drum up the interest and funds for the local Liberals who are facing a by election. As many of you know, I am a political junkie, and over the last few years I have had the pleasure to get to know Rodger a bit better than I had when I was still living at home. There are not that many politicians that I would defend, no matter what their political stripe, but Rodger is one of the good guys. He continues to bring the issues that the Cape Bretoner's in his riding face every day to Parliament and he always stands with them when needed. At one point he lived in Fort McMurray, and many here still speak highly of him, as he was a very active part of the community while here. It was so nice to catch up some with him. 

And then it was time for the Barras.

And they did not disappoint. By the time they finished their encore, "We are an Island", there was hardly a dry eye in the theatre. It is pretty amazing that a band from Cape Breton, that we all love so much can come visit us so far out west and move us with their music and stories. It was a great evening. They sang this following song, and for some reason I had not heard it before, but it quickly became a favourite for many that night.
Thanks to the Barras for coming, and thanks to Keyano for continuing to bring great East Coast entertainment to Fort McMurray. Next up is Jimmy Rankin on April 7th!

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