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Friday, March 14, 2014

Haven't forgotten, just a week from hell.

Tim being out of town is not really fun. Even just if he helps with something for 15 minutes in an evening, it makes a difference. And it's not even that I have difficult kids...they are just busy. Hopefully over the next few days, after the birthday parties and gala and St. Patrick's Day, and whatever else comes up, then I will get back on track. LOL.

On the way to cadets Mitchell took these pictures for me:

The two larger brown buildings in the pictures are the provincial and municipal government buildings here on town. They are on Franklin, and we took the picture from Highway 63, which runs all the way through town parallel to Franklin. Until MacDonald Island opened this was where our library was located when we first moved here as well.

This is the building that holds our council chambers, the Employment office, and all of the government offices like Children Services, Forestry, Environment, and it is where there is new construction starting for Jubilee Centre. You can check out the new development when you click on the link.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some really different pictures for you if my plan works out!

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