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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Real fear?

Okay, so I am always my most open in this blog.  It is almost like my diary, and I always think that when I share openly more people will relate.  But one subject that I often find that people think I am a little nuts is about how much I love having my children around.  I love summer break, Christmas break, and any other break I can get that means that the kids will be around the house, with the friends providing an extra continuous stream during the lazy days.

I can remember when Mitchell was born(our first son), in 1997, and saying to Tim(hubby), at some point shortly after his birth that he would graduate in 2015, but would enter grade 12 in 2014.  Well, it feels like that was yesterday.  And even funnier, I can remember after we had Shayleen that it was Mitchell that pointed out that she would enter her first full days of school in the same year that he entered grade 12.  So this year will bring some big changes in our household.

Any suggestions on getting through all of the changes will be greatly appreciated.  I keep thinking that it will all just be a new adventure, and while I am excited to see what my children will do next, like I said, I love having my children around.  I wonder if Tim is up for a never-ending parade of foster children to keep us young????

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