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Monday, January 28, 2013

Challenging week.

It's Monday, and confessional time!  I am happy to say that I am down again this week, even if it was only by .8.  I am happy with this, because I went to Calgary for two days, and I am proud of myself because I still stuck somewhat with eating healthy.  I had no drinks, or fast food, save some pad thai, which I didn't completely finish.  And let me tell you, there is something about staying in a hotel room that makes you want pizza, lol!  But I didn't give in, and I didn't give in when it was easier to at the airport...I kept walking until I found a spot selling some salads and sandwiches. 

So while I am not down by much, I did not give in too badly.  I think the challenge for me to start kicking it up is to find some exercise that I can do inside, because this cold weather just sucks! 

But I will tell you something fantastic that happened this week.  I went to find a new outfit when I was in Calgary to wear to Oprah's show, and I went into the dressing room with size 16 pants.  I had not bought new pants since before I started losing weight almost a year ago...I know, I know, I have issues...but anyway, the 16s were too big!  I had to ask  the sales lady to bring me a size 14.  Once I exited the dressing room with the new 14s on, and much to my delight the sales lady confirmed what I had thought...the 14 was to big as well!  So I am back into a size 12 pant, and the journey continues! 

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  1. Fantastic Verna. Trying like yourself to lose some weight. I am in a walking program either at a local hall or at home. I walk anywhere from 2 to 5 miles per day depending on how I am feeling. I am down about 4 pounds now all in all but most importantly now I am really watching what I am junk....We will make it but it doesn`t come without work. Love ya chickie...super proud of you