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Monday, January 14, 2013

How did my first weigh in go?

So tonight was the first weigh in for me to see if I gained or lost since I made the decision to start looking after myself better.  I am happy to report that was down 3.4 pounds.  It was definitely easier this week having Tim(hubby) on board and eating what I was eating, and he even took it on as a challenge and found a few different recipes for us to try as well. 

I just cut out the bad things that I was indulging in too much to start, like pasta, cheese, and absolutely not a sip of alcohol.  I didn't struggle too badly, except for the night that friends invited us over for supper.  She is a great cook, and I knew that drinks would be offered.  I did good though, and just sipped a glass of wine for most of the evening, and supplemented with water.  I think if I can stay on track 90% of the time, but if you take away my chocolate completely it would be very ugly.

The next step will be to try to coordinate adding in some more exercise to my routine.  I have added in some walking but for now that was about it this week, I just have to make the time to start doing an exercise DVD into my day, or maybe I should take a trip down to the basement and try to start liking that hated elliptical machine that Tim bought for himself, but that sits there mocking me every day as I go by to do laundry. 

I hope everyone who has joined me in this adventure had a good week as well, and I think I will start posting some of the healthy recipes that I find...or at least the tasty ones! 

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