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Monday, October 7, 2013

Awesome Mondays!

I have been reading so many new blogs and wonderful talent the last few weeks, and many have inspired me to do more with the space that I take with this blog.  So for the last few weeks I was trying to think of a theme for a day that I could add and it could be a regular feature.  I have come up with Awesome Mondays, and on these days I wan to shine a light on the extreme talent that exists on the East Coast of Canada.  Growing up there I now know that we took it for granted.  It really wasn't until I moved away that I realized that the rest of the population was not necessarily completely immersed in wonderful culture and talent.  I knew singers, painters, dancers, photographers, and writers growing up and through my later years, and I want to share that blessing with everyone that comes to read this blog on Mondays.  Some weeks I may feature music, other weeks I might focus on a new painter, or a new book.  I can't wait to make some new discoveries as I go searching for what I can share with everyone.

I want to surprise everyone with my picks, but some weeks you will know the artists, but other weeks you might be thinking you never heard of them before.  The thing I won't do is kill you with details, I will just post something and let you make your own decisions.

My first pick is someone that I fell in love with just before I moved out to Fort McMurray, and I still haven't seen him live.  His name is Nathan Wiley and hails from Summerside, Prince Edward Island.  He is an amazingly gifted singer, but it is song writing that I am most impressed with, as it seems to touch varying generations.

Okay, and so the next pick is close to my heart since they hail from hometown.  And yes, I know that everyone from Canada has heard and fell in love with the Rankin Family, but I wanted to share them again, and I hope that some others that are now reading this blog will discover them and fall in love too for the first time.

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