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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Question of the Day!

About a year ago, I started doing a "Question of the Day" on my Facebook page, and it was interesting, but there was not a lot of feedback on it, but when there way, I always enjoyed it.  But eventually I just kind of let it die off, and I didn't continue the daily habit.  And then a few weeks ago I thought of it again, and wondered if I could make it work better, and try again.  So I did, and it is often the highlight of my day.

What made it different this time around?  Well, honestly, I put some more effort into the questions, and once people started sharing on my wall, they all kind of started to get to know each other.  And once I was getting more feedback, the more fun it became, and everyone sees it just as I wanted a place to just share.  There has never been a judgement comment, or a negative swipe, and that is why it is my little slice of happiness every day.  I can go to read the posts, and it is just honest, open sharing, and that is why I hope to continue it now for many months to come.

In the last few weeks, I have found out things I didn't know about my friends, and neighbours.  I found out their favourite songs to crank in the car, their best and worst Christmas memories, the best meals they have ever had, the weird concoctions they eat at home, and even what they wanted to be when they were growing up.

The best part has been getting answers from people that I don't expect, and one aunt that has told me some things about herself and our family that I had never known.  And there are days when some of them catch me totally off guard and made me snort laugh, and other days when I sat crying at the beautiful stories that they share so openly.

If you want to get to know people better on your Facebook, think of an interesting or fun question and go ahead and ask!  You never know who will answer, or what the answer will be.  It is my little slice of happiness during the day, and I hope that others will enjoy either joining me in doing it, or create another way to share on a different level.  Maybe it will become a source of happiness for you as well.

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